Meridyen Hadith and Seerah Studies Center

Meridyen Association, in addition to conducting projects in social sciences, has another fundamental mission. Namely, to introduce the prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), in the light of truthful information and to conduct research in order to pass on his heritage to contemporary world.

Particularly, in the aftermath of the infamous caricature crisis, Meridyen Assosiation observed the need for promoting Prophet Muhammed with a new approach and using the effective communication medium of the era.
As a result of it, in 2007, Meridyen Assosiation launched the website In a short period of time, the project went beyond the web portal and many academic projects had been accomplished successively: Among these notably, “Hadith and Seerah Awards”, “Seerah Workshop”, “Symposium of Seerah Studies in Turkey and all its Aspects”, and Hadith and Seerah Research Journal.

In 2016, in order to gather all of these studies under one academic roof and to establish a base for the future encompassing new projects, a research center has been founded.

Meridyen Hadith and Seerah Research Center, having its foundations set up thus,  started to focus on long-term projects, for instance “Hadith Data Base”.

Meridyen Hadith and Seerah Research Center conducts all of its scientific and academic studies under a professional management team and led by the guidance of Research and Strategy Development Board.

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